Weekly Bookkeeping Package

Outsource all your bookkeeping to us. We provide a variety of additional services to make a complete bookkeeping package which includes all of the services in the Monthly Bookkeeping Package, plus:

  • We record all bills and file them as pdfs for easy reference. All you need to do is fax the bills to us when they come in and sign the checks when they go out.
  • We create payroll checks and direct deposit each paycheck
  • We download all bank and credit card transactions, and ensure you always have an accurate bank account balance
  • Record sales from your point of sale system to QuickBooks
  • Preparation of annual forms, 1099s

This service is intended to cover most of your bookkeeping needs. To maintain cash control, you make deposits and sign checks, but we do the rest. The monthly fee starts at $500.

Other Bookkeeping Options

In addition to the small business bookkeeping package described above, Stratus Business Services also offers the following packages: